What Parts Qualify for Cat Rebates?

If you are claiming this rebate as a business, you can now include additional parts with your returns using your Rebate Authorization Code. Depending on the quantities that you have, we will issue prepaid FedEx labels, or schedule a freight pickup for your convenience.

✔️ DOCs

All DOCs qualify for a rebate.
There is no minimum quantity when returning DOCs.

✔️ DPFs

Most DPFs qualify but will usually need to be returned via freight with a minimum of (10) parts on a pallet.

✔️ One Boxes

Detroit Diesel and Volvo/Mack One Boxes qualify for rebates.

Detroit Diesel One Box

Volvo/Mack One Box

⚠️ SCRs

Most SCRs do not qualify for a rebate. However, there are some exceptions.
If you have SCRs, we recommend checking with us before discarding.

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About Cat Rebates

Cat Rebates is a program that was launched by our parent company SCRAP Inc. in late 2019. As innovators in the catalyst recycling markets, we created a simple, fast and reliable way for people to get cash (Cat Rebates) in exchange for their used parts. Not only does Cat Rebates benefit the consumer, it also benefits the environment by reducing the global impact of mining. Materials that are recycled through the Cat Rebates program are fed back into the manufacturing stream where new parts are created. SCRAP Inc. has been in business since 2007, and continues to seek out new ways to reduce global impact due to improperly disposed of auto parts.

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